Guiding principles

Team player


I do not see you as client "only" but rather a part of "our" team. Whenever I am starting to work for a new customer my personal target is to set up a longterm partnership. Having said that the basis for this is trust, appreciation and loyality. You can rely on this.


I am fully committed to confidentiality and secrecy concering all information and company details my customer provides me with. In such a working position this is self-evident, of course.



Competence and Experience


I am providing my clients with my concentrated competence and experience in order they can derive the maximum benefit from it.



Demand-oriented offers


You will only get the service you really need and want.



Can-do mentality


It does not matter for which reason you are contacting me in order to assist you. We will find a solution. My goal is to make your business life  easier according to your needs. We just have to talk about it. How can I assist you?



Soft Skills


I will am: Friendly, positive, enthusiastic and customer orientated. No matter in which situation.  No matter if I am working directly with you or as a contact partner for your business partners. You will always be able to rely on my professional and structured way of working.  In my former position as a CEO's and Chairman's Personal Assistant I had excellent relationships at all levels both inside and outside the company. In my opinion this is an essential requirement for providing my services in a professional way.



Reference needed? Please contact me - I will be more than happy to provide you with my references.