Why do I need your services?

The biggest advantage for my clients is that they can book my on-demand services. They can buy exactly the service they need at this point of time and will only have to pay for the delivered service as well.   They do not have to employ any extra staff - however, they will be able to react on work peaks.


My clients benefit from my experience in a top postion for many years. Furthermore they can rely on the fact that I will meet their required quality standards.


During the last 12 years I have worked as a Personal assistant to the CEO and the Chairman in an international company with around 7.000 employees.  I am well experienced in working together with persons from all over the world.


Who can book my service?


In general everyone who needs an assistance in any administrational or commercial area. I will be more than happy to take over the work that you either do not have the time for or you do not like to do. My services will be tailored directly to your needs.  It does not matter if you are a manager, freelancer, or anyone else: I am looking forward to start working with you!


Often you could serve more customers or work on your main tasks if there wasn't the sometimes inconvenient and time consuming administrational work. And this is exactly where I am coming in: I am your back-up and you will be able to fully concentrate on your main tasks.



Do you have some examples for me?


For sure:


  • Sickness cover
  • Interim employee until you have found your new assistant / employee
  • Holiday replacement
  • As part time assistant (In case a 100% employee is not needed but 10-80% instead)
  • During work peaks when employing someone new  or a temporary worker would not make sense
  • Phone- and/or post service during your holidays
  • Permanent delegation of specific tasks (e.g. translation internal announcements, maintance of your website, Facebook profile, travel management, diary management, etc.)
  • Project work
  • Office Organisation / Office Management


Is this really working if you are not based together in one office?


Definitely. I worked that way for the last 10 years.  I worked for a Chairman and a CEO of an international company with around 7.000 employees. The nature of their work took them regularly all over the world. When they were not travelling they worked from their homeoffices in the Netherlands and France. I worked from our offices in Stuttgart and there was always the ambience that we worked from the same office


The main reason for this was and still is: A professional communication between my boss and me - so it will be with my customers. You may take this for granted.


Still any open questions? Please contact me. I am looking forward to your call or your e-mail.